Talking about a two-year old game that just got success years later is truly a peculiar situation. But, the gaming world is now experiencing one of its most uncommon occurrences when a particular game overtook everything and everyone by storm. A great deal of game creators use their own approaches and plans to more or less guarantee the success of the creations. One of Us might have had this'recipe' in your mind but it definitely was not as effective during its first launch. There are several interesting current conditions that have set the game up for success which was otherwise non-existent two decades back. The present conditions plus certain significant factors led One of Us' 2020 success.

• Familiarity

The concept of Among Us is not a ground breaking thing that has never seen the light of day before the game has been released. In fact, the rules are actually quite familiar and there have been a lot of games with similar concepts before Among Us. The first social deducation game that Among Us is likely heavily inspired on is Mafia. Mafia first came to the scene in 1986 and the game version has sparked a movement among party games. The familiarity and relative simplicity of One of Us makes it an accessible game that's easy to comprehend and easy to enter. One does not have to dedicate hundreds of hours to understand and win in the game which makes Among Us very appealing for newbies and casual gamers.

• Benefits of Play and accessibility

If there's also one thing that brings a whole lot of players towards the game, it is its ease of access in terms of playable platforms. Co-players that are playing One of Us in various platforms would still be able to play the game with one another. Not only that, the system requirements of the game are incredibly low. with the simplicity of this game, with some games lasting only 10 minutes, and you've got a solid recipe for a novice friendly game under a good concept.

• Current Conditions

COVID-19 has badly affected everything and everyone on the planet. Some of the topics which are always being talked about are financial hardships and mental health. Despite the negative news all around, one industry prospered during these stressful times and it is the video game market. Following this simple fact, Among Us is obviously one of the matches that thrived due the pandemic. Besides the fact that people are at home more often, One of Us also provides relaxation and effortless entertainment. It isn't exhausting to perform and is honestly a simple distraction for anybody who wants a break.

• The Memes

Finally, it is without a doubt that Among Us wouldn't thrive as much as it does now with no free commercials from streamers and the social media memes. Due to the funny and light-hearted memes, which are somewhat familiar, a number of gamers have wanted to join in on the inside jokes The significant reason for One of Us' popularity is because of its online visibility